"The founding premise of The Wire is this: if good journalism is to survive and thrive, it can only do so by being both editorially and financially independent. This means relying principally on contributions from readers and concerned citizens who have no interest other than to sustain a space for quality journalism."

If you cannot afford buying an annual subscription, consider donating to The Wire. Donations can be as small as ₹10. Every drop counts and these would go a long way in not only allowing them to continue their reporting but also fight the defamation cases being used to gag them.

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"Independent journalism that speaks truth to power and is free of corporate and political control is possible only when people start contributing towards the same. Going forward, we wish to expand our team and have more people monitoring, researching and writing about misinformation that goes on at various levels from social media to main stream media. As part of this expansion process, one of the highest priority will be to create content in other languages and especially Hindi."

What started out as a voluntary effort to bust fake news has become one of the most important tools for citizens to avoid misinformation. Alt News' Pratik Sinha has embarked upon the battle against WhatsApp University head-on, and now needs our support!

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"Newslaundry wants to make news a service to the public, not to the advertisers. We believe those who make any effort sustainable, determine its direction. You decide.

Pay to keep news free."

Newslaundry's has its own crowdfunded investigative reporting team as well--- NL Sena.

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"Our aim, at Scroll.in, is to build an independent media company that covers the news that matters, objectively and in-depth."

Scroll.in's public-spiritdness has led them to maintain a website without a paywall. However, as a Scroll + subscriber, what you will get in addition to these articles, is an ad-free experience, full access to our 4-year archives and a subscriber-exclusive section ‘The Plus in Scroll+.’ You can also access Scroll.in's Hindi website Satyagrah. But most importantly you will be supporting azaad media. 



"The Caravan is India’s first long-form narrative journalism magazine. Our stories are based on months of reporting and research.

True Media needs True Allies. India needs bold, fair journalism more than ever. We need allies like YOU."

The Caravan's investigative work has regularly rocked this government from its stories on Judge Loya to its profiles of powerful politicians, businesspersons, and media moguls. Their groundbreaking work has led to multiple expensive defamation suits that they now have to fight out in court, but also a slew of awards.

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